Past Events


Workshop OneInternational Law and the Cold War – project scoping workshop / London November 2014 / hosted by SOAS and Birkbeck Law School. (ARC Grant Workshop)

Workshop Two: International Law and the Cold War – project conceptualisation workshop / Melbourne April 2015 / hosted by Melbourne Law School. Included public screening of Project Z: The Final Global Event (premiere of final cut) and Q&A with the filmmaker, James Der Derian). (ARC Grant Workshop)

Workshop Three: Cold War International Law – network building workshop / London July 2016 / hosted by the London School of Economics. Reading and commenting on draft chapters for edited collection. (ARC and AHRC Grant Workshop)

Author(is)ing the South: Laws, Historiographies, Political Economies – invitational workshop on methodology, hosted by the Harvard Institute for Global Law and Policy, December 2016.

Laws and Political Economies of the South – invitational workshop on methodology, hosted by the Institute for International Law and the Humanities, Melbourne Law School, February 2017.


Lectures and Keynotes

Matthew Craven, Keynote Address: ‘Globalising the Cold War: International Law, Outer Space and Total War’, Cold War WorkshopLondon School of Economics, July 2016.

Sundhya Pahuja, ‘The Changing Place of the Corporation in International Law: From the UN Commission on Transnational Corporations to Business and Human Rights, Inaugural Lecture of the Leiden Journal of International Law’, The Hague, October 2016.

Sundhya Pahuja, Keynote Address: ‘Letters from Bandung: Encounters with Another Inter-national Law’, Australia New Zealand Society of International Law Annual Conference, Canberra, June 2016.

Gerry Simpson, Keynote Address: ‘Mutually Assured Construction’, Australia New Zealand Society of International Law Annual Conference, Canberra, June 2015.

Gerry Simpson, ‘Cold War International Law’, Lauterpacht Centre of International Law, University of Cambridge, October 2016 (available here).

Gerry Simpson, ‘One Way to Look at the Cold War’, London School of Economics, October 2016.


Conference Panels and Papers

Cold War International Law, panel, Australia and New Zealand Society of International Law (ANZSIL) Conference, Canberra (July 2016).

  • Papers:
  • Madelaine Chiam, ‘Justifying Participation in the Vietnam War: The South East Asian Treaty Organization and International Law in Australian Public Debate’
  • Emily Crawford, ‘Accounting for the 1976 ENMOD Convention: A Product of Cold War Paranoia or a Rare Instance of Forethought in International Humanitarian Law?’
  • Anna Hood, ‘International Law as the Weapon of Choice for Nuclear Matters During the Cold War’
  • Richard Joyce, ‘Cold War as Katechon (Or, What’s Our Excuse Now?)’


Cold War Histories of International Law, panel, (US) Law and Society Association Conference, New Orleans (May 2016).

  • Papers:
  • Matthew Craven, ‘Cold War Space’
  • Boris Mamyluk, ‘Soviet Approaches to Cold War International Law’
  • Richard Joyce, ‘International Law and the Cold War: Reflections on the Concept of History’
  • Sundhya Pahuja, ‘Rethinking Iran in international Law’
  • Gerry Simpson, ‘What is Cold War International Law?’


Cold War International Law, Harvard Law School, Institute for Global Law and Policy Conference, Cambridge MA (June 2015).

  • Papers:
  • Matthew Craven ‘ Historiographies of the Cold War’
  • Sundhya Pahuja, ‘Heading South for the Winter’
  • Gerry Simpson, ‘Two Ways to Think about the Cold War’